Monday, February 16, 2015

Night Hues of Kiawah 2 - larger study 24x30 canvas covered birch board

work in progress...thinking of going larger still.  I'm enjoying creating the skies.
working on depth & perspective. i need to look into a class. feeling in need of instruction. :/

Night Hues of Kiawah 7x10 oil on board

good music, good thoughts, good flow, smiling.
Gift for my friend LPT xoxo

24x24 oil on gallery wrapped linen

Something to talk about 16x20 oil on canvas

better photo soon...available at Charleston Artist Collective
TRADE for Slava any day!!!

Rhythm Divine 30x30 oil on gallery wrapped canvas

Trading room POP.

Hours Away 12x12 oil on linen covered birch board


Trembling 24x24 oil on linen

new direction for the day...might be a paint over, still thinking.

EOS Drawing class - sheets of drawing paper

every thursday...great to be back in structure.