Thursday, January 30, 2014

"Turn Around" 10x8 oil on linen covered birch board

I had actual fun painting this today!  The stokes of the brush flowed and when I pulled my palette knife out, well...I was filled with delight.  This happens once every so often.  I really was content.  Thank you to whatever caused this.
Another painting for CAC's February theme.  Available 2/3/14 @Charleston Artist Collective

"Swept Away by Blue" 16x16 oil on linen canvas

Layers.  I love to layer. I had trouble with this one...been working on it since the first week of the year. Today was a great painting day.  Everything fell into place.  Painted for CAC February theme "Intoxicating".  Available 2/3/14 @ Serena and Lily

"The Gloaming" 16x16 oil on linen canvas

I listen to music while I paint.  The Gloaming is the name of the band I was listening to while I was finishing actually pulled me through.  I was at
a standstill.  Hence the name. Painted for CAC theme "Intoxicating". (the music certainly was) Available 2/3/14 @ Charleston Artist Collective

"Disconsolate Realization" 12x9 oil on linen covered birch board

Out of my head, shapes and colors. Mood changes. Painted Jan. 5.
Painted for CAC theme "Intoxicating". Available 2/3/14 @ Charleston Artist Collective

"Can't See the Wood for the Trees II" 8x16 linen on birch board

This is a paint over... thick paint palette stokes.  My favorite color lime green.
For CAC February theme "Intoxicating".  Available 2/3/14 on Charleston Artist Collective

Saturday, January 25, 2014

"Green Thumb" 10x20 oil on canvas

SOLD on One Kings Lane.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Friday, January 3, 2014

"Better Than Before" 18x? oil on canvas

Available on CAC website for January theme "artist pick".